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Most people today struggle with weight management. It seems that gaining weight is very easy, and losing weight is very hard. As we age our metabolism slows down. Daily work and family stressors increase cortisol in our body. Cortisol tricks people into eating more than they should, and tricks the body to accumulate unnecessary fat. Weight gain happens when people eat more food calories per day then they are supposed to eat.

Town Pharmacy is proud to carry the Isagenix nutritional line of meal replacement supplements and snack supplements to help you manage weight.

Isagenix meal replacement shakes and soups are filling, low in calories, very delicious and nutritionally well balanced.

Isagenix snack bars and whey thins are the perfect low calorie snacks between meals.

If you are interested in using Isagenix nutritional products to maintain or reduce your weight, then talk to the pharmacists at Town Pharmacy about the best way to utilize Isagenix nutritional products to manage your weight.